Monday, December 12, 2011

20111211 - When God Messes Up Your Plans

Skybreak Church and Pastor Danny present a message about how God's plans can bring immense satisfaction, even at the cost of not fitting into your own initial plans. Enjoy!!

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  1. Thanks for the message!

    Lately, God has been totally shaking the college plans that I've had for the past school year now. And I was just so stubborn to realize that God just has the best interests for me! My main issue for my plans was the finances, and so I would constantly apply for jobs and scholarships thinking that because I was working so hard to go there, God would reward me with the money to go. However, the only scholarship I received was from the college I wanted to go to, I still was jobless and no other scholarships were coming in to cover the costs.

    Right now, I believe that God is leading me to stay in state and go to the community college closest to me. How do I know? Because when I tried to apply at a community college just outside my home county, I found out that my desired major wasn't there, despite the fact that it was a really nice college!

    I really want to travel and go to many foreign places while I am in college and after college. I don't know what God's plan is entirely for me, but I do know he gave me the talent to play the violin and a desire to help and heal people. I'll just have to trust in him and see what unfolds.